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SUSALPS Conference 2018 was received well

From 18 to 20 September 2018, the SUSALPS Conference "Montane and alpine grasslands under climate change – ways in a sustainable future" was held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. More than 60 participants from nine nations...[more]

Media report on regrazing experiment at Brunnenkopfalm

The start of the regrazing experiment at Brunnenkopalm has evoked some echo in the lokal and regional newspapers. The Garmisch-Partenkirchner Tagblatt / Münchner Merkur from 18.07.2018 and the Weekend Journal of Münchner Merkur...[more]

Bavarian Botanical Society maps plant biodiversity on Brunnenkopfalm

A group of botany experts of the Bavarian Botanical Society, lead by Prof. Dr. Jörg Ewald, were on Brunnenkopfalm June 15-17 to determine status quo of plant biodiversity at the onset of the re-grazing experiment. The thorough...[more]

The cattle are on the alp

Five cattle of the rare Murnau-Werdenfelser breed were brought to the Brunnenkopfalm. Now the grazing experiment can start. [more]

Preparations and initial sampling on the Brunnenkopfalm

Preparational works and an initial sampling for the grazing experiment were conducted from 14 - 18 May 2018 on the Brunnenkopfalm - with a great commitment of all participants and under challenging weather conditions. Fences...[more]

Excursion Brunnenkopfalm

On 9 May 2018, the partners of the grazing experiment met for a joint excursion on the Brunnenkopfalm. Representatives of agricultural authorities, nature conservation, research and practitioner exchanged about the aims,...[more]

SUSALPS Conference 2018

“Montane and alpine grasslands under climate change – ways in a sustainable future”[more]

Announcement: Excursion to the Brunnenkopfalm

A grazing experiment is planned within SUSALPS on the Brunnenkopfalm that analyses the effects of grazing on an abandoned mountain pasture on soil functions, biodiversity, and feed value. The experiment aims to derive...[more]

SUSALPS @ BonaRes Conference 2018

SUSALPS is represented with eigth oral and nine poster presentations at the BonaRes Conference 2018 in Berlin. The conference programme can be accessed via [more]

Trial version of SUSALPS decision support system online

Today we launched the trial version of the SUSALPS decision support system. The system is free of charge and available online at The system can be used on desctop computers and mobile devices. The...[more]

Winter at the experimental sites

February 2018: Winter at the experimental sites Graswang at 850 m a.s.l. (top) and Fendt at 600 m a.s.l. (bottom).[more]

Evidence of the rare earthworm species Proctodrilus opisthoductus in Fendt

In autumn 2017, scientist from the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL) discovered the earthworm species Proctodrilus opisthoductus in Fendt in the framework of the SUSALPS project. Proctodrilus opisthoductus is a...[more]

Survey about grassland management

As a practice-oriented project mutual exchange with farmers is of outmost importance for SUSALPS. Therefore, interested farmers with experience in grassland management are as of now invited to share their practical experience...[more]

Visit of the grassland experiments at the LfL Research Station Spitalhof Kempten

By invitation of Dr. Michael Diepolder from the Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture (LfL), members of the SUSALPS team visited the grassland research sites at Spitalhof in Kempten on 20. Oct 2017. Spitalhof is one of...[more]

BonaRes Conference 2018

The international BonaRes Conference will take place from 26-28 Feb 2018 in Berlin. Abstract submission deadline is 1 Nov 2017. Follow for further information. [more]

Earthworm sampling at elevation/climate change gradient

On 26th and 27th September 2017 soil earthworms were sampled at different elevation sites: Fendt, Graswang and Esterberg. The measurement campaign aims at studying the distribution and the species of earthworms and their...[more]

SUSALPS-grazing experiment Brunnenkopfalm: Droneflight provides impressive insights in the initial Alm status as a basis for experimental re-grazing with Murnau-Werdenfelser cattle.

[Translate to English:] 3D-Modell Brunnenkopfalm

Abandoned mountain pastures are valuable but threatened old agricultural landscapes characterized by high biodiversity. In close cooperation with farmers, Nature Conservation Authorities, the Ornithological Station in...[more]

Project meeting in Munich

On 18. September 2017 our project meeting with 24 participants took place in Munich. We were able to exchange information on the progress of work and results in each workpackage, and to concretize the planning and our ideas for...[more]

Round Table on “Grassland management & Climate Change” received broad interest

The first Round Table on „Grassland management & Climate Change“ took place at IMK-IFU on 18th July 2017. More than 30 participants from agricultural practice and consultancies, authorities and science discussed the effects...[more]

Evaluation of gross nitrogen turnover rates

On Monday, 26/06/2017, three teams left in the early morning for new experiments on the SUSALPS sites in Esterberg, Graswang (see pictures) and Fendt. The aim was to determine gross nitrogen mineralization and nitrification...[more]

Cutting of extensively managed mesocosms

On June 8, the extensively managed mesocosms at the sites Esterbergalm, Graswang and Fendt were cut. [more]

Round Table on "Grassland Management and Climate Change" on 18th July 2017 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

We aim to foster knowlede exchange between practitioners, associations, organisations and scientists working in the field of grassland management.  A Round Table on "Grassland Management and Climate Change" takes...[more]


Successful drone surveys at the SUSALPS sites

After the successful tests in Fendt last year, now the drone surveys at the other SUSALPS-sites in Graswang, Esterbergalm and Bayreuth were realized. As result, high resulution and georeferenced orthomosaics are now available for...[more]


Fertilization of Mesocosms

Accordingly to the farmer’s management, the SUSALPS mesocosms in Esterberg, Graswang and Fendt were fertilized during the last two weeks. Furthermore, the first 15N-manure tracing experiment was conducted.[more]


Project meeting in Munich

The project meeting on March 17 2017 was our opportunity to give mutual updates on the latest results of the sub projects and to schedule a working plan for the field season 2017. Thanks to all participants! [more]


Workshop Datenmanagement SUSALPS

A SUSALPS datamanagement workshop was held on March 13th in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In addition to the responsible SUSALPS project partners WWL Umweltplanung und Geoinformatik GbR and KIT, also two Austrian researchers from...[more]


Winterimpressions Esterbergalm

Current winter impressions from our highest SUSALPS site, the Esterbergalm near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The snow height of half a meter covers the soil temperature and moisture loggers but also provides ideal winter sports...[more]


Winter on the Experimental sites in Bayreuth

On the control walk last week to the experimental sites the mesocosms and the plants growing in them could hardly be seen. Everything is covered with a (at least by Bayreuth standards) thick layer of snow. [more]


Merry Christmas!

We wish everbody who is interested in SUSALPS, all partners and colleagues a Merry Christmas![more]


BonaRes Status Seminar in Leipzig

Am 14. und 15. November fand in Leipzig das BonaRes Status Seminar statt. Am Montag standen neben zwei Keynote-Vorträgen die Projektpräsentationen der 10 BonaRes-Projekte sowie des BonaRes Zentrums im Mittelpunkt. Auch das...[more]


In contact with prospective agriculturalists

Presentation of the SUSALPS project at the agricultural school in Weilheim[more]


BonaRes Workshop „Sustainability and Socio-Economic Analysis” 27./28.09.2016 in Berlin

Joint meeting of BonaRes Modul A-Projects and the Team „Assessment & Governance“. A total of 17 scientists from nine projects and seven scientists from the "Assessment & Governance" team from the...[more]


Installation of soil-plant mesocosms in Bayreuth

The mesocosms have been installed within several days in September 2016 into the built raised beds. First, the mesocosms have to be protected against lateral plant competition (which would bias the future results); secondly, they...[more]


Drone survey Fendt

The project partner WWL conducted a drone survey in Fendt on August 2nd. We will now test, how the drone-data supports the spatial visualization of the single soil cores in the GIS-based project database. If successful, drone...[more]


Installation soil cores Esterbergalm

The soil cores taken at site Esterbergalm were installed at Esterbergalm, Graswang and Fendt on July 20-22, respectively.[more]


Sampling and harvest at Esterbergalm

In a collaborative and concerted action, the soil cores are cut, harvested and sampled.[more]


Preparations for work at Esterbergalm

After mowing the grassland at Esterbergalm in mid of July, cutting of the soil cores can be prepared.[more]


Harvest of soil-plant mesocosms in Bayreuth

The soil-plant mesocosms in the southern area of the Ecologic-Botanical Garden (ÖBG) of the University of Bayreuth have been harvested today. With the help of a rented mini-caterpillar and an earth rammer (whose foot was changed...[more]


Posters at EGU conference

Noelia Garcia-Franco and Marcus Zistl-Schlingmann present their posters at EGU - conference in Vienna. The posters are available in downloads. [more]


Harvesting soil cores at site Graswang

The soil cores are harvested using a custom made cutting device which can be installed at a mini excavator's cantilever.[more]


Cutting the soil cores at site Graswang

Awaiting a prolonged period of cool weather and recurrent snowfall, the cutting of soil cores can start. The shells for the soil cores are cut into the soil using a tamper.[more]


SUSALPS-Homepage online

On the first of February, WWL launched the fully responsive SUSALPS homepage, which is currently being edited in cooperation with KIT. Besides project information, there will also be an internal section for communication. We We...[more]

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BMBF Status seminar

The BonaRes status seminar takes place together with the PLANT2030 conference in Potsdam from March 14 to 16 [more]

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Kickoff in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

During a constructive kickoff meeting, we brought the SUSALPS project on track today[more]