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Project meeting in Ammertal

On October 23, 2023, fifteen SUSALPS members and numerous student helpers from the SUSALPS subprojects met in Ammertal. The day already started with a highlight. Roman and Gabi Bertl from Jaggala Hof, who herd cattle every summer on our project pasture at Brunnenkopf, gave us a farm tour. The Demeter farm not only has a new, large loose-housing barn with about thirty-five horned cows of old breeds (Murnau-Werdenfelser, Original Deutsches Braunvieh, Pinzgauer), but also goats and Walliser Schwarznasen sheep, which are used in nature conservation and landscape management. This diversification, combined with a great deal of knowledge about the proper handling of soil and animals, makes this bold project on a new farm site a bit out of the way of a village a success story. Michael Dannenmann and Ralf Kiese interviewed the humble farmers about management of the green areas, hay and milk production. The rest of the visitors also diligently asked what they had always wanted to know - such an exchange between agriculture and science is enormously important. After this unique look behind the scenes of an ecologically functioning farm, we had a very delicious snack with products from the farm. That was great and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you once again!

Strengthened by the meal, the scientific meeting of the project participants followed in the afternoon at the Ammertaler Hof. There, in group work with online participants, many exciting results (for example, on carbon storage in different grassland areas) and the most important gaps were discussed, as well as subsequent publications in the areas of experimental, modeling and app development. The time was used very productively, so that after this day SUSALPS goes further into the synthesis phase strengthened by impressions and ideas.