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Children's books on soil biodiversity - a special competition for World Soil Day

On the occasion of the World Soil Day on December 5, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) called for a very special competition. Participants were asked to create a children's book about soil biodiversity. In total, more than 100 fantastic books were submitted from 60 countries. Noelia Garcia Franco and Martin Wiesmeier from the SUSALPS team, together with two colleagues, also created a wonderful children's book. It is titled "Soil Detectives - the Mystery of Biodiversity" and received Mention of Honor from FAO. The book contest was a very creative way to give visibility to the importance of soil organisms and raised awareness on the urgency of protecting soil biodiversity.

The "Soil Detectives" can be downloaded here. All the children's books in the competition can be found here.