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Visit of the grassland experiments at the LfL Research Station Spitalhof Kempten


By invitation of Dr. Michael Diepolder from the Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture (LfL), members of the SUSALPS team visited the grassland research sites at Spitalhof in Kempten on 20. Oct 2017. Spitalhof is one of LfL’s training, experimental and expert centres with a focus on dairy farming, grassland and alpine farming. On the grassland research sites in the vicinity of the research farm long-term experiments take place regarding the effects of different manuring strategies (e.g. amount, timing, frequency, type of fertilizer) and technical applications on harvests and fodder quality. All participants unanimously agreed that the Spitalhof facilities offer excellent conditions to deepen the cooperation with LfL and that the synergies arise from complementary measurements of the SUSALPS consortium. We are grateful to Dr. Diepolder and the Spitalhof team for the very informative tour! Please follow this link for further information on the Spitalhof research farm: