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Big interdisciplinary field campaign

At the beginning of the SUSALPS project, more than 800 undisturbed soil columns with vegetation (so-called plant-soil mesocosms) were translocated along an elevation gradient to simulate climate change and to investigate the effects on soil, vegetation and microorganisms.

In July 2020 a subset of these mesocosms was sampled by project partners of TU Munich, Helmholtz Zentrum München, the University of Bayreuth and the Karlruhe Institute of Technology. In total, plant species were identified on 60 mesocosms, 240 soil samples were taken for carbon and nitrogen analysis and 180 samples to determine soil properties, aggregates and microbial microorganisms. These samples will be analysed in detail in the coming weeks and months. The project team is already looking forward to the results. How did vegetation, soil and microbiome change four years after the mesocosms were translocated?